Lapolla™ insulation is an advanced insulation system that offers heightened benefits to fibreglass. By creating an impenetrable air barrier, it is able to lock in warm air while minimising the impact of colder draughts. This makes it suitable for a range of different applications in the home. Preventing heat loss through pitched roofs and flat roofs is made considerably easier. Equally, it can be used to effectively insulate walls and cavities alongside a range of common building materials such as timber, block, brick and stone.

Moving away from homes, spray foam lends itself to use in commercial properties too. Agricultural buildings can achieve a reduction in cold draughts while creating a comfortable environment for animals to sleep in. It can even be used within the automobile industry, offering a host of benefits for vehicle insulation and even boat insulation. Our experts have also tested it for use in retrofit fuel injection kits as a means of keeping fuel lines cool and shielded from the heat generated in the engine compartment.

Beneficial to residential and commercial properties, spray foam insulation is a cost-effective, modern and reliable option. It is extremely energy efficient, actively saving you money and minimises the risk of airborne pollutants which can cause irritation. It is for these reasons and more that FoamTEK continues to be one of the leading insulation installers of choice available on the market today.

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