Lapolla™ Insulation is an advanced home insulation solution, designed to meet the needs of modern households. It has been manufactured to meet the deficits presented by fibreglass insulation. This spray foam offers impressive thermal qualities by preventing warm air from leaving your home. It effectively reduces air leakage while ensuring you save up to 45% on energy bills every year. This is done by creating an impenetrable air barrier, locking in warm air and keeping cold air at bay. This improves your property’s EPC rating, reduces the risk of moisture damage and offers a lifetime of performance.

Unlike traditional fibreglass insulation, SPRAY FOAM expands up to 100x upon contact with the chosen area of application. It easily fills gaps and awkward corners, ensuring a full and complete insulation throughout. Installed by FoamTEK it adapts to suit any structural design and helps deter pests too. Our modern insulation solution can be used in attic spaces, within internal stud walls, and underneath the flooring. Offering superior energy efficiency, it not only saves you money but also produces an instant return on investment. As a non-harmful chemical option, it has been blown 50% with water to create an industrial-level foam. The chance of detecting airborne pollutants such as dust, dirt and carbon monoxide significantly minimises, improving the quality of your household air. For these reasons and more, FoamTEK is swiftly becoming the spray foam installers of choice.

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