Lapolla™Insulation has been developed to offer a host of benefits in a range of applications. It not only provides an effective alternative to fibreglass but also improves energy efficiency while reducing airborne pollutants. For this reason, and many others, this modern solution has become the insulation of choice in various sectors.

In new homes, spray foam supports the work of modern architects and development contractors. It ensures that properties are built in an effective manner, to lower both heating and cooling costs. Equally, the right choice minimises potentially damaging condensation and the emission of irritating dust particles that could lead to allergies. It is suited to both domestic and commercial applications, as well as industrial buildings alike.

Spray foam insulation has also been used on agricultural buildings, effectively reducing heat loss, protecting crops from frost damage and helping to maintain consistent temperatures. For many different reasons, insulation can help your business grow and thrive while ensuring a property stays fit for purpose. This modern insulation has been blown 50% with water which creates an industrial-level foam and can be used in collaboration with a number of building materials for the most effective results.

FoamTEK is swiftly becoming the key choice for spray foam installers. For more information about how it can improve thermal efficiency, minimise allergies and ensure your business thrive, get in contact today.