Spray foam insulation not only lends itself for use in domestic properties. The efficient application, thermal efficiency and versatility allow it to be used in commercial settings too. Here, it works to reduce heating bills for businesses of all different sizes, while also maintaining a consistent temperature. For businesses focusing on the healthy growth of crops, this minimises the risk of frosts. Equally, those dealing with agricultural animals are best placed to create a safe and comforting environment for nighttime sleep.

Spray foam insulation has been used in various commercial settings. For workshops, it creates a comfortable environment in which to work. Barn conversions are notoriously draughty and benefit from the use of flexible, effective insulation. This also extends to use in boat insulation and particularly in new build homes. For storage facilities, proper insulation minimises the build-up of condensation and reduces the flight of airborne pollutants which could cause damage to your property over time. This also meets the needs of shipping containers – ensuring shipments stay fresh and in optimal conditions on their journeys.

Installed by our FoamTEK, a Lapolla™ approved team, this advanced insulation solution continues to rise in popularity. And, with the ability to save you up to 45% on energy bills while improving a property’s EPC rating, it’s not hard to see why. For more information or to learn how it can benefit your commercial property, get in contact today.