Initially designed for use in domestic settings, rely on spray foam insulation to improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Offering a host of benefits to all homeowners, it is an effective way to lower heating bills and prevents air leakage. This could mean a saving of up to 45% per year and an improvement on your properties EPC rating.

A modern spray foam insulation solution can be used in a variety of domestic applications. For new roofs or existing roofs, it is a suitable solution for minimising heat loss. Equally, when extending into the loft for a conversion, it helps create a comfortable and enjoyable environment. This also extends to use in timber frame extensions, cavity wall insulation and stabilisation equally. As an effective alternative to fibreglass insulation, it can be used for other applications including on garden buildings, in camper vans and even on self-build homes alike.

The host of benefits presented by spray foam insulation confirms its suitability to many different domestic uses. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also helps to improve the value of your home. Equally, the application process seeks to minimise disturbance while creating an impenetrable layer to lock in warm air and banish cooler draughts.

FoamTEK Insulations are quickly becoming the insulation installers of choice for properties of all different sizes. If you have any questions about it, please get in contact today.